MPU & Card Services

ATM and Card Services has been providing services since October 23, 2013.

- Fill up required facts.
- Must be adult over 18 years.
- After checking the facts filled up by MFTB Bank, bank will open ATM Card Account.

How to get MFTB ATM Card

  •  Fill up required facts.
  •  Must be adult over 18 years.
  •  After checking the facts filled up by MFTB Bank, bank will open ATM Card Account.

Benefits of ATM Card

  •  Myanmar kyat in cash easily withdrawal.
  •  Cash balance can be checked easily.
  •  Payable for buying commodity with POS.
  •  24 hours accessible .
  •  Save time for bank except for putting deposit.

Requirement for adding balance to ATM Card

  • Can be added to cash balance with ATM Card Number (or) ATM Account Number. Free of Charge to Deposit Cash at the ATM of MFTB.

Information for ATM Card holder

  • Safely applicable at ATM and POS with own private pin Number.
  • Pin Number can be changed at ATM.
  • Usable at any ATM under MPU system.
  • Payable at Super Markets which accept POS.
  • Allow maximum 500,000 Kyat cash  withdrawal per day.
  • Allow maximum 300,000 Kyat cash withdrawal for once.
  • Free of charge to withdraw cash at the ATM of  MFTB.
  • 1% charge to withdraw cash at the ATM of other banks. (e.g 100 Kyat for withdrawal of 10,000 Kyat)
  • Free of charge for utilization of POS.


  • Since the receipt of ATM card for the first time, do change Pin Number without absence.
  • Follow the instruction of ATM.
  • Don’t let Pin Number know to others.
  • Don’t be allow to others use your card.   
  • Put the correct Pin Number in ATM, if not, your ATM card will be kept by  ATM after three time mistake.
  • Inform bank immediately if your card lost, stolen, forgot password, collapsed or kept by ATM.
  • Upon absence to inform to bank, the consequences will be on your own.
  • Before leaving ATM, make sure cash and card already received.
  • If  the foreign currency account holder wants to withdraw  in Myanmar  Kyat, Bank will transfer Kyat equivalent of respective currency with daily ex-change rate to ATM Card account
  • ATM card account can be opened by individual. Not by joint with other.

Card Issuing


Annual Fees

Kyat      2,000/-

Initial Deposit

Kyat     10,000/-

Minimum Balance

Kyat       1,000/-

Card Validity

10          years

Card Lost and Damage

Kyat       5,000/-

Cash withdraw at  MFTB ATM

Other Bank ATM


1 % ( Service )

Maximum cash withdrawal per day

Kyat     300,000

Maximum cash withdrawal per Transaction

Kyat     300,000/-