Export Department

Export Services for exporters

(1) Export LC advising

(2) Export LC Negotiation

(3) Export Financing

(4)Document Against Payment/ Document Against Acceptance Services

Require Documents for Export L/C

(1) Company’s Letter Head Application
(2) Myanmar Companies Online Registration Certificate
(3) Myanmar Companies Online of Company Profile
(4) Export Licence(or)Non-Licence
(5) Bank Passbook

Type of export financing

(1) Pre-shipment Export Trade Financing
(2) Post-shipment Export Trade Financing

Who can apply for export trade financing
The exporters who opened foreign currency account with MFTB can apply export trade financing.  

Requirement documents for applying export trade financing

(1) Export trade financing application
(2) Trade financing proposal
(3) Trade financing agreement
(4) Company’s meeting minute
(5) Income tax statement for 3 years
(6) Audit certificate

If you need more information, please contact the following number.


Phone no: 95-1-8372138 Ext: 226/228


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