Information & Technology Department

The Main Functions of Information Technology Department are as follows:

On behalf of our Bank Myanma Foreign Trade Bank

  • Coordinating with ICT working Committee under the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry for the development of e-Government and ICT.
  • Maintain upgrade and manage the Myanma Foreign Trade Bank’s website. periodically.
  • System applications are Examined whether or not with our vendors for  dedicated programs and networks are in good standing;
  • Coordinating with internal department of our bank to utilize the banking system systematically.
  • Providing server management and database security related to LAN & daily maintenance.
  • Performing the data backup Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
  • Providing and maintaining necessary computer and Accessories for banking services.
  • Distributing computers and Accessories to internal department depending their requirement.


If you need more information, please contact the following number.



Phone no: 95-1-8389704