International Relationship & Correspondent Banking Department

The main functions of International Relationship and Correspondent Banking Department are as follows:

  • Establishment  the  Correspondent  Banks   in  order to promote international banking business.
  • Opening, maintaining  the   foreign currency accounts in foreign countries and  fund  management  of   Nostro  Accounts  to  do  the  international  Banking  services,  payment,  settlements  and receiving funds.
  • Issuing the daily exchange Rate based on the daily reference exchange rate of Central Bank  of  Myanmar  for using FX  trading  of  the A/C  holders and for the purpose of  Export / Import / Remittance,Financing and Bank guarantee services, cash depositing and withdrawing, issuing of  Payment  Order etc.
  • Carrying out the short-term investment with foreign currency to increase the bank’s income.


If you need more information, please contact the following number.


Phone no: 95-1-8378017